Appeals are a Second-Chance to Challenge Incorrect IRS Claims and Decisions

Don’t assume that you automatically have to pay if they IRS notifies you that you owe. When it comes to taxes, the IRS acknowledges that people often disagree with their decisions. With this in mind, a formal appeals process is available, allowing you to challenge the IRS’s decisions.

Our tax attorneys analyze all the details of your specific situation. We then determine if an appeal is an appropriate course of action. Your IRS appeal will be handled by a local appeals office, independent from the office that made the original decision.  

This is advantageous, because we can explain to an unbiased arbiter why the original IRS claim is incorrect and why the amount being demanded is inaccurate or entirely invalid.

We file a small case request with the IRS to begin the appeal process if the total amount of taxes, penalties, and interest for a given tax period in question is $25,000 or less. A formal protest will be filed if the total amount is over $25,000. You must meet a set of strict and complex requirements when filing a formal appeal, which is why you want a tax attorney fighting on your behalf.  

If you believe an appeal may be the next step with your tax situation, please contact us. Set up a FREE consultation to discuss your case with our experienced and knowledgeable tax attorneys right away.

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