Innocent Spouse Webinar

innocent spouse reliefHow To Lead Your Client Through Innocent Spouse Relief.

Your clients may qualify for Innocent Spouse Relief, which could save them thousands of dollars in taxes, penalties and interest, as well as alleviate years of stress, worry and fear. As professionals, it’s our job to guide and serve our clients and to provide the right options for them to improve their lives. As a trusted leader in IRS Tax Law, I’ve realized the need to equip fellow attorneys with education and insight on Innocent Spouse Relief.

Here you’ll find the criteria to evaluate your client’s situation and determine if they can eliminate their tax obligations using Innocent Spouse Relief.

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(This presentation has been approved for one hour of CLE credit from the Washington State Bar Association.)


Specific topics covered in this webinar include:

  • How to save some of your clients from certain Unfair IRS Bills
  • Explanation of Joint & Several Liability – the danger of Married-Filing-Joint tax returns
  • The three kinds of Innocent Spouse Relief and how to tell which of your clients may be eligible
  • How to get relief from taxes on Community Property Income
  • How to request Innocent Spouse Relief from the IRS
  • What is Injured Spouse Relief and who qualifies?
  • How to move forward in the best way for your client.


Be sure to download the presentation outline, powerpoint slides,  and feedback form.

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Client & Referral Testimonials:

“Bob is a great IRS Tax Attorney. He’s always sending out helpful tips and I know that he used to work for the IRS. He’s the only Seattle Tax Lawyer I’ve ever recommended to my clients.”

“I have been enmeshed in terrible circumstances where my ex-husband’s tax debt fell onto me because we were separated but still married for 4 years, even though he was living in another state. My ex-husband was set up on a payment plan in 2007, but defaulted on this. IRS considered the debt as half mine, even though my ex claimed the debt as his own in the divorce agreement. I had dealt with one tax debt consultant and two attorneys previously who tried to help, but who did not accomplish much with IRS. Nine years later and I was still dealing with this. Bob is a former employee of IRS, so he knows exactly what they are looking for, as far as information on the forms for the Innocent Spouse PleaI am happy to say that Bob accomplished what he said he would, and it appears that the plea has been accepted by IRS and I will not owe anything to the IRS. I highly recommend Bob Boeshaar, as he knows what information IRS requires, is able to put up a good defense, is efficient, responds in a timely manner … Thanks Bob for everything you did to help me!”

“Bob Boeshaar was compassionate and insightful. He was thorough and used his time effectively. He was very knowledgeable about the tax issues I was facing. I would definitely recommend him.”

“Mr. Boeshaar is a very honest attorney with integrity. I would recommend his office for tax matters that need a resolution. I have been consulting him on my tax situation, which is complicated, for several years. He recently was involved in a resolution that only a dedicated attorney would see through a positive result. Thank you!”

About Robert V. Boeshaar 

Dedicated to Helping Others

Bob has a passion for helping people improve their lives, especially when they have been victims of unfair circumstances. He has helped people rebuild after their homes were destroyed by flood, tutored inner-city elementary school children, and helped establish an emergency overnight shelter for women. He also volunteers with the University of Washington Low-Income Federal Tax Clinic and is an active member of Seattle Rotary Club #4, which is focused on local and international service.

Professional Experience

Bob’s passion for helping people drives his desire to help those whose lives and businesses have been disrupted by the IRS. Many people feel powerless to assert their rights when they are under scrutiny by the Government. As a former attorney for the Internal Revenue Service for 14 years, Bob saw many people whose lives were put on hold by a tax problem that they faced. If these people would have had someone on their side to help them navigate through the complex IRS maze, and fight for them, they could have resolved their problem favorably and moved on with their lives and businesses. Instead, they spent their valuable time and money trying to deal with the IRS on their own with an unsatisfactory outcome. Their tax problems often had devastating effects on their lives – some even often lost their homes and their businesses.

Knows How to Help

Bob knows how to help people facing tax problems. He uses his knowledge of the Internal Revenue Service to help people close the door on their tax problems and move on with their lives. In addition to his law degree from Willamette University College of Law, Bob has a Master of Laws in Taxation from the University of Washington. He also has 14 years of experience as a trial lawyer for the IRS where he litigated over 40 cases in the U.S. Tax Court. His insider experience makes him uniquely suited to help taxpayers achieve the best possible outcomes in their tax disputes. He believes in using his experience to serve others and to make a difference in their lives.

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