Is Your Business As Profitable As You Want?

Let Boeshaar Law teach show you how to lock in your profit – and your pay –
while ensuring you’re ready for tax time … every time.

 Profit First


Think back to the reasons you started your business and what your business is supposed to do for you.  Often, business owners find that they end up giving more in value to their businesses than they receive in return.  Their business looks more like a job than a valuable asset.


Boeshaar Law is a Profit First Certified Law Firm, and we are ready to work with you to implement this system where:

  • You decide how profitable you want to be;
  • You secure your compensation;
  • You re-envision your business as the vehicle that works for you … instead of the other way around!
  • Turn Your Books Upside-Down.

Profit First is built upon a foundation of undoing the “traditional” way of thinking about small business finances. Somehow, we all followed the thinking that: Sales– Expenses = Profits.

This way of thinking puts you, the business owner, last which is not why you own a business!

We help you through our rigorous process where we:

  • Meet with you to help you decide exactly what you want the business to do for you in the coming year, two years, five years, and further.
  • Work with you to decide how fast we can improve your results
  • Work with your financial team to make sure they are on board with the plan
  • Get you started with a new way of thinking, and a new way of doing things, where: Sales/Revenues – Profits = Expenses



How can Boeshaar Law ensure profitability and help me stay on top of my business taxes?

Robert Boeshaar is a highly sought after and credentialed tax attorney. He focuses on keeping entrepreneurs on the right side of the IRS and for those who haven’t done so already, Bob creates a customized tax relief plan for them. As an avid Profit First practitioner, Bob has the education and experience to help every business owner to become profitable while remaining in the most tax advantageous class for their business.

What Is A Profit First Certified Law Firm?

Boeshaar Law is trained and holds a certification approved by the author of Profit First, Mike Michalowicz. The Profit First methodology has helped thousands of businesses owners across the country … and the globe … escape “Entreprenuerial Poverty.” Boeshaar Law can put you on a much more profitable, and tax advantaged, path now!

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