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Tax issues can be quite complex and it is important to make sure everything is handled properly to avoid potentially serious consequences down the road. In order to make sure you have all the information you need and the best possible advice, you need to make sure you’re working with an attorney that is right for you. Over the years many of our clients have commented on the high quality services we provide and given us permission to share their experiences with potential new clients. We hope that reading about their experiences will help you to be confident that you are choosing the right attorney for your specific circumstances.

Here is what our clients have to say.

“Very responsive to emails & inquires. Had a successful resolution with the IRS. They did all that they promised.”

“The service I received was excellent! All though the process everything was explained to me so that I understood what was going on.”

Bob is a great IRS Tax Attorney. He’s always sending out helpful tips and I know that he used to work for the IRS. He’s the only Seattle Tax Lawyer I’ve ever recommended to my clients.

Mr. Boeshaar is a very honest, with integrity attorney. I would recommend his office for tax matters that need a resolution. I have been consulting him on my tax situation, which is complicated, for several years. He recently was involved in a resolution that only a dedicated attorney would see though a positive result. Thank you!

Bob Boeshaar is a really great attorney. If I could give him 10 stars, I would. I have been enmeshed in terrible circumstances where my ex-husband’s tax debt fell onto me because we were separated but still married for 4 years, even though he was living in another state. My ex-husband was set up on a payment plan in 2007, but defaulted on this. IRS considered the debt as half mine, even though my ex claimed the debt as his own in the divorce agreement.

I had dealt with 1 tax debt consultant and 2 attorneys previously who tried to help, but who did not accomplish much with IRS. Nine years later and I was still dealing with this. Bob is a former employee of IRS, so he knows exactly what they are looking for, as far as information on the forms for the Innocent Spouse Plea.

I am happy to say that Bob accomplished what he said he would, and it appears that the plea has been accepted by IRS and I will not owe anything to the IRS.

I highly recommend Bob Boeshaar, as he knows what information IRS requires, is able to put up a good defense, is efficient, responds in a timely manner and the total cost was reasonable.

Thanks Bob for everything you did to help me!

Bob Boeshaar was compassionate and insightful. He was thorough and used his time effectively. He was very knowledgeable about the tax issues I was facing. I would definitely recommend him.