The Top Tax Attorneys in Newcastle, WA

If you are having tax issues with the IRS, then you don’t have to go at it alone. The IRS has a lot of resources and the ability to make life very difficult for you. They are intimidating to deal with, and the fact that tax laws can be so complicated makes it even more frightening. Tax laws are complex, and there may be times when you do not agree with or understand a judgment. No matter what your dealings are, you need people with experience, knowledge, and the resources to fight on your behalf.

In Newcastle, WA you can have Boeshaar Law take your case. We have an expert team of tax attorneys who specialize in working with the IRS to find suitable outcomes for their clients. If you need help with the IRS, then we are your best option.

Tax Debt Negotiating

The attorneys who work at the IRS have tax laws on their minds at all times. It’s their career, which gives them the time to study and understand all of the ins and outs. Regular people don’t usually have that type of knowledge. However, Boeshaar Law was founded by Robert Boeshaar, a former IRS attorney. By hiring us, you can have the power of an actual IRS agent on your side to help negotiate your tax debt. Sometimes you may get a tax assessment that you don’t agree with or might not be able to manage. Our team can help lower your debt load to make it easier for you to handle. If you meet specific qualifications, you may be eligible to lower your payments, or lower your overall debt.

Tax Relief for Businesses

Businesses have a tough time as it is with tight margins. An unexpected tax assessment or an error can create a huge financial burden. You never want to have to choose between paying employees or keeping up with your tax debts. Boeshaar Law will closely examine your tax situation and go over everything with a fine-toothed comb. We will determine whether or not you are being assessed at the right amount. Many businesses accept their tax assessments without question. The IRS counts on this. However, you might be paying more than you should, and only an experienced tax attorney would catch it.

Payment Negotiation

Sometimes it’s not necessarily the overall amount that is a burden, since you know you can pay it off eventually. However, if the monthly payments are too high, then it can make it hard to make your other monthly commitments. In Newcastle, WA, you can have Boeshaar Law work out a schedule with the IRS to make your monthly payments more palatable. We will negotiate with IRS representatives to either lower your payments, change the schedule, or even make the payments larger when you have more cash on hand. The IRS will get what they need, and you will have a payment schedule that works for you.

Trust Fund Penalties

If you get behind on your payroll taxes, the IRS has the right to impose penalties to encourage repayment. If your business doesn’t have the requisite assets, then they can make a claim on your personal assets. This involves what is called a trust fund penalty. This means holding your personal funds in a trust until you are able to pay off your payroll tax debt. Of course, this can make it very hard on you in your personal life and with your finances. The more they confiscate, the harder it will be. With Boeshaar Law on your side, we can work to lower the penalty that you face so that your personal finances are affected as little as possible. We will discuss other options with the IRS so you don’t have to and protect your personal assets.

Don’t negotiate or work with the IRS on your own. If you are a resident in Newcastle, WA, then Boeshaar Law can be on your side to protect you from them and improve your tax situation.