The Top Tax Attorneys in Renton, WA

Nobody likes having to deal with the IRS. They are a huge organization that is focused on getting as much from you in taxes as possible. Luckly, if you live in Renton, WA, Boeshaar Law can have your back. We have the experience that you want on your side in your fight against the IRS. In fact, Robert Boeshaar, our founder, was a tax attorney with the IRS. He understands how they operate, and he knows all the loopholes and tricks they use to make you pay more. With Boeshaar Law’s help, you can solve your tax issues with a solution that’s fair for both sides.

Tax Repayment

If you owe a large sum of taxes, it can be hard to pay them off if your payments are too high. You squeeze every month, but it can be hard to keep up. Plus, your circumstances might change, making it more difficult to make your payments. However, you certainly want to meet your obligations. If your tax payments are too high, then we can negotiate new terms with the IRS. There are several options. For one, you can make lower payments over a longer period of time. We can also work out an option where you pay a large sum up front, then avoid having to make payments for a certain period of time. The IRS doesn’t always give those as options, but at Boeshaar Law, we know what is possible and what isn’t.

Business Taxes

If you own a small business, then you need to do everything you can to keep your costs low. Large tax bills, or back taxes, can be crippling. This can happen if a business’s revenue isn’t enough to pay off their tax bill. You might be going through a tough spot, or the year before was unexpectedly good. The last thing you want to do is declare bankruptcy, so call us to help negotiate with the IRS so that your payments or your burden are more manageable. Also, we can help so that in the future you take advantage of every kind of deduction available.

Negotiating Tax Debt

The IRS is a huge government department. They have a lot of rules and procedures that you must follow. If you make a mistake, then it can mean an even higher tax bill, or you lose the ability to negotiate. With Boeshaar Law on your side, you don’t have to worry. We know all of the processes and procedures that you must follow. We will work within the system to negotiate on your behalf so you can get a lower payment amount or a lower tax burden. It might not seem like it, but every case is unique, and there are different factors that come into play. We will examine those factors and come up with a strategy that is unique to your situation in order to get a favorable result.

Trust Fund Penalties

Sometimes when you are behind on your taxes, the IRS can access your personal finances to encourage repayment. They can freeze your assets and secure them in trust until you pay your taxes. This is what’s known as a trust fund penalty. The IRS has tremendous power when they wish to wield it, so you must be careful. However, with Boeshaar Law on your side, you can avoid this penalty in favor of other options. Nobody likes to have their personal finances affected by their business, so we will do whatever we can to avoid that situation.

There’s no reason for you to fight the IRS alone. Whether you have an IRS crisis or want help with your return, the best place for a Renton resident to turn is Boeshaar Law. We have the knowledge and expertise to assist you with your tax problems and to get you the best result possible.