The Top Tax Attorneys in Tukwila, WA

Dealing with the IRS can be complicated and intimidating for anyone. It would be great to have a tax law expert to fight on your side. In Tukwila, Boeshaar Law can be that support for you. Boeshaar Law was founded by a former IRS tax attorney who knows the ins and outs of the law, and how the IRS operates. If you are in tax debt, have a dispute, or have a question, we will give you the answers and help that you need. Whether you have tax issues as an individual, for a business, or a large corporation, we provide services that can save you money and relieve your tax commitments.

Tax Debt Negotiation

Nobody likes dealing with the IRS. They are a big organization that tries to get you to make mistakes so they can get as much in taxes as possible. That’s why you need Boeshaar Law to fight for your rights and negotiate on your behalf. We may be able to get you a lower repayment amount if you meet certain criteria. Every tax case is different, so you can trust us to craft a tax debt negotiating strategy that will work specifically for your situation. When it comes to taxes, it’s always the best idea to act quickly. Call today to get us working for you immediately so you can start saving money on your taxes as soon as possible.

Negotiating Tax Repayment

Some tax burdens are simply too high to pay off all in one sum. The IRS will work out monthly payments for you, but even those can be too much if your circumstances change or if they were too high to begin with. We can work with the IRS to come up with repayment amounts that suit your circumstances. That might mean longer periods between payments, or lower payment amounts. You may be able to pay a larger sum up front to reduce your burden, and then put off payments for a period of time, or you can pay smaller amounts over a larger payment period. Whatever will work for you, we will work with the IRS to make it happen for you.

Business Tax Relief

Businesses can owe large amounts to the IRS that they have trouble paying back. It could be payroll taxes or back taxes that you have not been able to cover. Sometimes business circumstances change and your profits might not be enough to make your payments. Boeshaar Law can work with the IRS to lower how much you owe and possibly save your business from declaring bankruptcy. We have several strategies that we can initiate to save your money and keep your doors open.

Trust Fund Penalties

When you are behind on your payroll taxes, your personal assets may be treated. The IRS can implement a trust fund recovery penalty. This means that they will freeze a certain amount of your assets and keep them in trust until you are able to pay off your tax debt. If you are at risk of this happening to you, then we can negotiate only on your behalf to come up with other options. You don’t want to be limited with your personal finances for issues related to your business. If you are in Tukwila, then contact us for help if you have a trust fund penalty hanging over you.

No matter what your tax issue is, it can be hard to understand the system and make the right choices. At Boeshaar Law we have tax experts on hand who can negotiate for you and have a complete understanding of the tax system. We will give you all the information you need to make the right choices and put your tax problems behind you.