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Nobody likes dealing with the IRS, but there are times when many of us have to. If you aren’t experienced in tax law, then it can be intimidating and frustrating. However, if you have issues with the IRS or your tax filing, you don’t have to. The IRS tax attorneys at Boeshaar Law in Bellevue, WA can help you navigate the system and get the most favorable outcome. Do you have a question or a concern? Are you having trouble with a specific process? No matter what your tax needs are, we can help. Our founder, Robert Boeshaar, was an attorney with the IRS for decades, and knows better than anyone how to help individuals, corporations, and small businesses with their tax problems.

Negotiate Tax Payments With the IRS

If you have a large tax bill, you might find that it’s more manageable paying it off over time than all at once. There is an even ground that balances your need for affordable regular payments and the government’s need to recoup the tax revenue you owe them. The attorneys at Boeshaar Law work to find that balance and make the process easy for you. There are many options available, some of which only experts understand and are aware of. You can put a down payment on your tax debt, or spread things out as much as possible. Whatever plan will work best for you, we will work with the IRS to put it in place.

Tax Debt Negotiation

It’s not just your payment amounts that you might want to negotiate. If you are in Bellevue, contact Boeshaar Law to help work with the IRS on your overall tax debt. Businesses and individuals that meet certain standards may be able to lower their tax burden to a more manageable level. Robert Boashaar and the rest of our team have decades of experience behind them to help figure out a negotiation strategy that will work for your specific case. If you need tax relief, then call today for help right away.

Payroll Tax Penalties

The last thing you want is to be personally responsible for a payroll tax bill from your company. If your business is behind on payroll taxes, they have the authority to mandate a trust fund recovery penalty. This means that funds are placed in trust until you are able to repay your tax debt. However, you may be able to avoid this penalty if you contact Boeshaar Law for help. We can negotiate another solution to help ease your burden, or lower your trust fund penalty. Every case is different, and our team will do whatever it takes to find a solution that works for you.

Business Taxes

Any business can be in trouble and be in jeopardy because of the taxes they owe to the IRS. However, having a big tax debt doesn’t have to mean the end of your company. Working with Boeshaar Law can help reduce your debt and keep your doors open. It could be that the IRS has asked for payment for taxes that do not apply for you, or there could be some other error in your filings and assessments. We will pore over everything to make sure that you only owe the correct amount, and we can help save your business money at the same time.

Don’t suffer from tax problems. They can keep you up at night and threaten your business and livelihood. With Boeshaar Law, we will take care of your tax issues and represent you with the IRS. Contact us today to get your taxes sorted out as soon as possible.

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